What is Angular in 2023

The client side advancement in web application using angular, made so many people to choose angular.The people thought of moving their application towards angular is because of its features like Cross platform,speed and performance,testing features,animation and productivity.We can also call is an Angular era.Angular helps to build modern applications using Mobile or Web or Desktop.
Angular 2 is completely different than Angularjs.The Angular team is advancing their features and releasing new angular version every year.
Angularjs is MVW framework whereas Angular2 is component based framework.
Seperation of HTML logic from application logic.(means HTML logic are written in templates and application logic is written components.

Why should i go for Angular

  • First thing is Better Performance
  • Supports Mobile Applications
  • Ease to Implement
  • Good Routing
  • Can create Web application, Mobile Application and Desktop application

ANGULAR 4 Features

  • AOT(AheadOfTime)
  • Angular Universal
  • *ngIf and *ngFor
  • Animations
  • New Template tag
  • New Pipe
  • Improved Http params
  • Service: New meta tag

Angular 8 Features:

  • Angular Ivy
  • Differential Loading
  • Bazel support
  • Web workers
  • Router
  • Forms
  • Typescript support
  • Replace @angular/http with @angular/common/http

Latest Angular 14 Features:

  • Angular CLI AutoCompletion
  • Strictly Typed Forms
  • Standalone Components
  • Enhanced Template Diagnostics
  • Streamlined Page Title Accessibility
  • Optional Injectors
  • Angular DevTools