Quick Interview Questions on Asp.net Web API:

Top 3 WebAPI Interview Questions and Answers in 2022 - USMTECHWORLD.

1. What is Asp.Net WebAPI?

Asp.net webapi is a framework that helps to build http services on top of browsers,mobile devices,IOT devices,etc.It can also be used to build REST application on .Net framework.

2. What are the advantages of Asp.Net WebAPI?

a)It has feature called Content Negotiation. b)It has feature called OData. c)It has routing features like Asp.net MVC d)Self hosting feature is available.(i.e it can be hosted in IIS as well as it can be hosted outside IIS) e)It supports model binding and validations

3. What is REST?

REST means Representational State Transfer.It has following constraints. a)Stateless: The main feature of REST is that the service is stateless.The client request should contain the necessary information and will be sent to server.The server need not remember whatever details sent by the client. This concept is called Stateless nature. The server response can be cached by clients. b)It allows our response is cached or not and hence it improves the performance. c)it fully supports JSON AND XML