Do you want to know about me? Well i am an one man army, playing a role as a technology Designer,Developer,Tester,Solution Architect,digital marketer and having profound passion to improve my site.

Usmtechworld is completely free to use and visitors can share this page through social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc to your friends. Like all other CEO's I also have a dream to grow usmtechworld as a company.I am putting my daily effort to grow bigger.

I have 15+ years of professional experience engaged in the different stages and phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. I have helped various customers around the globe in India, USA, UK, Dubai, and Singapore.

Our Vision

Learn Information Technology in Simple and Easy Way.Free Education for ALL.

Our Mission

To grow bigger as a huge company having very big head count in numbers with huge turnover and eventually helping millions of people around the world with that money.