It is very easy to learn and understand about asp.net mvc in my article.The Asp.Net MVC is simple frontend framework for developing web applications in interesting way.It makes the programming so cool in developer point of view.It is software architect pattern for developing web applications.It consists of 3 blocks. It arranges design,coding in seperate folder which makes developer happy about the maintenance of code.
Now Asp.Net MVC is overtaken by latest version called Asp.Net Core.But don't think that Asp.Net MVC has stopped working.It is still there in the market and so many people are using it.So all the developers will be thinking about "what is the future of Asp.net MVC". The future of Asp.Net MVC is continued by upgrading to Asp.Net Core.It is an Open source and which can be run on windows,mac and linux operating system.
Features of asp.net Core:

  • Web framework
  • Open source
  • Cross Platform
  • Runs on .Net core and .Net framework
  • Modular
  • Cloud optimized

The prerequisite for learning ASP.NET CORE is, Basic knowledge of C#, HTML, Visual Studio, and Object Oriented Programming is required.
The users can now build cloud-based web applications, IoT (Internet of Thing) and mobile backend applications using ASP.NET Core framework which can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.