First 9 Jquery Interview Questions and Answers for the year - 2023 - USMTECHWORLD.

1. How to check an element is visible or not using jQuery

Answer: Use Jquery : visible selector

2. How to select an element by name with jQuery?

Answer: This can be acheived by two ways.
WAY 1: by using jquery selector.
Example1: with id $("#foo") Selects all elements with the id="foo".
Example2: SELECTS ALL ELEMENTS $("*") Selects all elements
Example3: SELECTS ALL ELEMENTS WITH CLASS=BAR $(".bar") Selects all elements with class=bar.
Example4: SELECT ALL P ELEMENTS $("p") Selects all P elements
Example5: SELECT P ELEMENTS WITH BAR CLASS $("") Selects all elements with the id="foo".
WAY 2: GET ELEMENT BY NAME USING JAVASCRIPT AND PASS IT TO JQUERY selector = document.getElementsByName('nameOfElement'); element = $(selector); eg:- If you want to show or hide an element , then simply do like this element.hide() or

3. How to add text to an existing div with jquery

Answer: var a = "Hello USMTECHWORLD"; $('#dvscore').before(a);

4. How to add jquery file in View of ASP.Net MVC

<script src="~/Scripts/jquery-1.10.2.js">
Inside the somesamples.js file, you can write all the jquery scripts related to your ASP.NET MVC view.

5. What is the use of NoConflict method in jQuery

Jquery used $ sign for performing jquery actions.There are other frameworks which uses the same $ sign, for eg:- angular,knockout etc. so if 2 different frameworks uses same $ symbol, then one of them might stop working.In order to prevent this jquery introduces a function called noConflict().You can use your own custom variable to perform jquery action like the below example.

        var j = $.noConflict();
                     j("p").text("jQuery Rocks!");
<p>This is a paragraph.<p>
<button>Click jQuery<button>

6.What is the most used selector in jQuery?

The selectors in jquery start with dollar sign and parenthesis$(). The most used selectors in jquery are ID and element. Always use '#' character to select elements by ID. (Eg:- <div>$('#dvscore') <div>)

7.How will you check, which version of jQuery you are using in a website?

The command used to check version of jquery that you are using in your website is "$.fn.jquery".This command can be run on the console window of any browser.

8.What is event.preventDefault()?

It stops the default action of an element from happening.For eg:-it prevents the submit button from submitting a form,prevents link being clicked.

        document.getElementById("Save").addEventListener("click", function(event){
The above click event prevents the click event being performed.

9.What is the difference between response and response.d?

The response will return as object and also as string, whereas with response.d we can get the data. for eg:-if your ajax call to webmethod returns "True" or "False".so your response will be displayed as "Object" or [Object][object] so inorder to fetch actual data, you can write as response.d, it will fetch "True" or "False"