Prerequisite for Angular

Angular requires knowledge of HTML,CSS,Javascript or Typescript.

In this tutorial,i am going to use Typescript.It is easy to learn, if you know c# or java already

Before start writing programs in Angular2,make sure that you have following environment ready.


Angular Prerequisite

Nodejs: NPM(Nodejs Package Manager) is used to download all packages related to angular framework.
Typescript:It is use to compile typescript files to javascript files.This process is done by typescript compiler.
Development code are written in typescript language in Angular.Typescript is an opensource.It is also superset of javascript.It can be compiled as per ES5 and ES6 standards that support the latest browser.
VISUAL STUDIO CODE:Code editor to edit the code
ANGULAR CLI: It provides necessary commands to CREATE,COMPILE,EXECUTE,TEST and DEPLOY angular applications.

  • Ng new(CREATE)
  • Ng build (COMPILE)
  • Ng serve (RUN)
  • Ng test(TEST)
  • Ng g (GENERATE)

Install Prerequisite

Let us see, how to install nodejs first
Go to '' and download LTS version of nodejs.
Now run the nodejs installer.After installation complete, make sure that it is installed correctly.
Go to command prompt and type 'C:\\users\\user1> node –v'
It will show the installed version of nodejs in your system.
npm:The node package manager comes along with nodejs itself.
To check the installed version of npm:
Give the command as 'C:\\users\\user1>npm –v'
To install typescript package
Go to command prompt and type
'C:\\users\\user1>' npm install typescript g
‘g’ means globally u can use this typescript package globally in any folder.
How to install angular cli?
Go to command prompt and type npm install @angular/cli