This article explains about using view in mvc.Let us understand 'what is view' and 'how to create view easily in ASP.NET MVC'. The main purpose of View is for designing your web application.It can be otherwise said as Eye of an application.It represents UI(User Interface).So you have some idea about designing your webapplication. This can be implemented in this view folder. Here all the user interface logic is contained within the View.
There are two types of view engines used by View.

  • Razor
  • Traditional ASPX VIEW ENGINE

RAZOR: The .cshtml files are handled by this RAZOR view engines.
It develops webpage design using HTML Helper controls. It uses '@' symbol instead of <%=%>
Syntax: Razor engine
@Model Ineumerable testproject.models.customer
ASPX VIEW ENGINE:It is default view engine of dotnet.
It uses <%=%> to render server side content
The normal .aspx extensions are handled by traditional .NET engine.

Add a View in ASP.NET MVC

Open Solution explorer and click Views folder.Now right click -->add -->click View