ASP.NET MVC with simple explanation

It is very easy to learn and understand about mvc in my article.It is otherwise known as extension of ASP.Net in structured way called as ASP.NET MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER. The Asp.Net MVC is frontend framework for developing web applications in very easy and interesting way.It makes the programming very easy in developer point of view.It is software architect pattern for developing web applications.It consists of 3 blocks. It arranges design,coding in seperate folder which makes developer happy about the maintenance of code.

This article also covers topics about mvc application life cycle ,unit testing in mvc,return types of controller action methods, advantages of mvc, filters in MVC, different types of action filters,Outputcache and its usage,Handle error and its usage,Authentication and authorization concepts in mvc, code first approach in MVC using Entity framework, difference between displayfor and displaynamefor,passing data from controller to view,Modelstate, mvc partial view,using dropdownlist in mvc,encrypt and decrypt connection string,async controllers in mvc,consuming webapi in mvc project and last but not the least viewers have some fun by quiz section.