Vue is a front end framework for developing simple and easy user interfacecs.Vue is a open source javascript framework to develop interactive web interfaces.The view layer can be designed with the help of Vue.The first version of VueJS was released in Feb 2014. The Vue mostly focus on lot of HTML,JavaScript and CSS files.
There are many ways to install Vuejs.Some of the ways are discussed here.

Using Script tag :

<script type=text/javascript src=js/vue.js><script>


In the above example,vuejs is referred from the local downloaded location i.e below js folder.Go to the following site and download your favourite vuejs Download Vuejs

Using CDN:

We can also use vuejs from the CDN library.The latest version of vuejs can be downloaded from the following location Latest Vue

Using NPM:

The developers can install vue directly by using following command in the terminal.

                    npm install vue

Using CLI Commandline:

To install CLI in our machine , we need to give following command

                    npm install --global vue-cli