SQL Server introduction Tutorial

This article gives introduction about sql server and it covers sql concepts with many examples.It tells about various important concepts of sql such as database,tables,primary key,foreign key,indexes,joins etc.

What is SQL?

The SQL stands for structured query language.This structure query language(SQL) is used to create,insert,update and delete data into sql server database.

  • It is used to communicate with a database.
  • It is standard language for Relational Database Management system.
  • It is used for storing , manipulating and retrieving data in databases.
  • It consists of Databases, Tables, Storedprocedures,Views,Triggers etc.

SQL Features:

  • It can retrieve data from database.
  • It can insert records in database.
  • It can update records in database.
  • It can delete records from database.
  • It can create new databases.
  • It can create new tables in database.
  • It can create stored procedures in database.
  • It can create views in database.

What is RDBMS?

  • Rdbms stands for Relational Database Management Systems.
  • It is the basics of all the database management system such as ms sql server,oracle,mysql and microsoft access.
  • The data in rdbms is stored as tables in database.
  • The database contains one or more tables.
  • A table is a collection of rows and columns.
  • It can create new tables in database.
  • It has embedded more integrity related features.The following are some of integrity.
  • Entity Integrity: There are no duplicate rows in a table
  • Refrential Integrity:It is a constraint in the database that is relating two tables.
  • User Defined Integrity:Rules defined by the users.
  • Domain Integrity : some default values of limits set for columns of the database tables