About Postman

The postman is used for testing Rest API or Web API.The http or https web request using verbs such as "GET" or "POST" will be passed to the postman tool. The postman tool consists of "Collections","APIS" and "Environments" in the LEFT SIDE PANE.The right side pane is use to send or receive webapi request.
Collections: The user can create new collections for storing all the request APIs.

In the right side pane just click "+" symbol to create a new request

The programmers mostly use the below tabs to test WebAPI.

Payload: In simple terms, the payload is an information that you send and receive from the server.The body of your http request and response message.The payloads are identified using curly braces "{}".


For Eg:- This is the simple JSON payload which you are passing to server.Here emailid and password are passed through JSON payload and it will be look like the below one.


                <email"> '' </email">,
                <password"> 'xxxxx' <password">,

               {                                       {
                                "message": "Login Successful"

In the above example,The real payload is "Login Successful" and remaining thing such as data,status are overhead data.