Git Vs Github Difference

What is Git?

Git : Git is installed and maintained on your local system.Git is a type of version control system. What is Git? Before answering this question, let us see what is version control system. It controls our day to day programming activities by tracking and logging the changes that we make on our file and puts the timestamp for it.This gives us the ability to recover our old files. Now coming to our question, What is Git? well it is installed and maintained on our local system rather than in the cloud.It is one of the version control system which is free to use.Dont require any internet connection to work with Git.Git can store SourceCode for webapplication, mobile application and also you can maintain text files too. In Git, you can create individual branching in your code.This means you can create seperate production branches and go to earlier branches and do delete,merge at click of button.

What is Github?

Github is fully cloud based.It is online database for storing your projects and keep track of it by maintaining the various versions of your project. Here only basic repository hosting features is available for free cost.Hence it is great source for storing projects as open source. It provides good user interface for programmers to maintain their code.Since GitHub is cloud based any individual can access his Git repository from anywhere in the world provided he has an internet connection. You can share your code with others through editing Git branches.Whenever new changes are made then new branches are created.These changes do not affect other persons machine unless he push or pull his code to it. The other Git repository hosting service are GitLab,BitBucket and sourceforge.